5 standout talent mobility trends for 2021

How’s Covid-19 hitting reset?

A year ago we entered into a crisis like no other in modern times. The long awaited rollout of vaccines is turning 2020’s barriers into challenges and opportunities.

And as we continue living life in a pandemic, our industry is also embracing greater collaboration, flexibility and innovation. This year’s annual list of mobility trends is influenced by the reset that Covid-19 is offering us.

Insights to help you plan ahead

With pent-up demand for international assignments on the rise, we consider the implications and support for globally mobile talent in our latest white paper.

From navigating the complexities of Remote Work / Work from Anywhere policy development, to the Virtual Assignment as a flexible strategy option, it presents 5 trends – as well as insight on what 2021 innovations and recovery plans might look like.

  1. Global Remote Work / Work from Anywhere policies
  2. Virtual Assignments
  3. Getting back to work – offices, business travel and vaccinations
  4. Relocating employee support during the pandemic – new and ad hoc approaches
  5. Recovery and beyond

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5 trends to help you plan ahead amid Covid-19