Uber Mobility is here. Cool. Anything to worry about?

Technology has played a pivotal role transforming how traditional mobility assignments are managed and executed. Uber Mobility is here. Cool. Anything to worry about?Low-touch technology such as mobile devices, apps and virtual-reality are transforming global assignments by attracting Millennials interested in adventure while gaining experience working on global mobility assignments.

Global assignees can now take a more hands on approach and gain control of certain aspects of their assignment using the technology and resources available. In turn, corporations benefit from the flexibility and cost savings associated with this model. Additionally, HR professionals see the recruitment benefits using short-term and rotational assignments preferred by Millennials.

On the flip side, allowing a less experienced, younger professional to manage themselves can open the possibilities for backlash and negative outcomes. Crown World Mobility Global Practice Leader, Lisa Johnson, shares insight in Mobility Magazine on factors propelling the disruption and how companies can accomplish their mobility goals while giving assignees the support and tools they need to perform on the global stage. Read the full article on Uber Mobility.

*Mobility Magazine is published by Worldwide ERC® and connects mobility professionals across the globe.