Trump’s win and global mobility

The U.S. presidential election has left the global business environment, and many of us in mobility, with the same uncertainty that we face in a post-Brexit world. Trump's win and global mobilityWhat will a Trump presidency, and Republican led Congress, mean for the U.S. and the rest of the world? We are all in a “wait-and-see moment.” 

Today, the U.S. is top of the list, for both inbound and outbound assignment locations. However, inevitable changes to U.S. immigration and business regulations will certainly impact many global companies.  

Here are four key areas to watch:

Globalization – Trump has been strong in his anti-globalization statements and vision so far. Unwinding NAFTA and other global trade agreements, exiting NATO and distancing the U.S. from the World Bank are all possibilities, but could take some time to do.

Immigration – the newly elected president has promised to bring a more isolationist vision to the U.S., and is determined to put limits on immigration. Migrants from developing countries will probably be hardest hit; companies with large inbound U.S. temporary and permanent staffing needs would feel the impact, too.

Tax – U.S. companies that have moved their income outside of the U.S. for tax avoidance will be watching to see if Trump will limit this approach. In addition, tax cuts for the highest earning Americans have been promised.

Corporate global citizenship – the U.S. government will almost certainly move away from its current commitment to addressing climate change. It is likely that a more regulation-averse government will also move away from a commitment to support existing laws that promote, and regulate, gender pay equality, anti-discrimination and employee protection. The question is, when and to what extent? Global companies committed to these values will need to prepare to maintain and promote them independent of a shifting regulatory environment. Some global companies with their HQ, or a large presence, in the U.S. have already publicly reaffirmed their strong commitments to D&I strategies, "Employer of Choice" values and responsibilities for taking climate action on social media.

At Crown World Mobility, we’ll work together with clients and industry peers to understand, inform and manage the impact changes might have on your global mobility strategies. We’ll continue to communicate regular updates as new information emerges.

This article was written by Lisa Johnson, Crown World Mobility's Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services. Questions and comments are welcomed, please contact Lisa at

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Lisa Johnson

Lisa is Global Practice Leader for Crown World Mobility’s Consulting Services. She is responsible for supporting Crown’s clients and account teams with Global Mobility program and policy design and enhancements.