Immigration update for UAE

Visas on arrival are now available in the United Arab Emirates for Indian passport holders with a United Kingdom or European Union residence permit. The visa on arrival is valid for 14 days and has a single extension possibility against a fee. This change follows the announcement in May, 2017 that Indian passport holders with a valid United States visa or Green Card were eligible for visas on arrival in UAE. Immigration update for UAE

Key Considerations

With the visa-on-arrival program there is no need to submit a visa application prior to traveling. It is, however, important for Indian citizens to carry a valid passport as well as the valid U.S. visa or Green Card, UK residence permit or EU residence permit. Crown World Mobility strongly recommends that employers verify the validity of the assignee’s Indian passport as well as the foreign visa or residence permit prior to travelling. 

Indian citizens who do not hold such a visa or residence permit are still obliged to apply for a visa prior to traveling. 


For further information, please contact Michele Giordani, Regional Immigration Manager EMEA.