COVID-19: The future of workspace and companies.

As organizations return to the workplace, adjustments to working practices will undoubtedly need to be taken. Some of these will be temporary, others will be for the longer term as workplace strategies are revised post COVID-19.

How workplaces will operate and what this means in terms of shifts, working layouts and staff protection measures will continue to evolve. That’s why our company diversifies its specialized solutions and offers you a range of services to support you through these challenging times:

  • Office relocation, reconfiguration or exit.
  • Space planning: Introduce effective social distancing measures.
  • Store your unused furniture with us and free up your workspace.

Whether it’s changing the workspace, protecting employees on their return to the workplace or facilitating longer term home working, we continue to prioritize safety and sustainability at this difficult time.


Office relocation, reconfiguration or exit

We’ve introduced new working practices which allows us to support your operational needs, reconfigure your workspace, relocate teams or even exit a space to meet property-owner requirements whilst ensuring the safety of your staff.

We can help you.

If you are leaving a building, relocating to a new location or even migrating your operations completely to the digital and eCommerce dynamic.  We will ensure the process is as sustainable and cost effective as possible. For that, we offer our specialized office relocation services. Handled by one single point of contact, who will support your facility manager accomplish your organization deadlines and objectives, without affecting the productivity of your employees.

Store your unused furniture with us and free up your workspace

In order to adapt to new layouts and changes in working practices it may be necessary to rearrange the workspace.  This could result in some items of furniture or assets needing to go into storage.  We can collect these items and provide a full inventory that can be easily accessed online.

This enables you to focus on future planning whilst giving you peace of mind your items are safely stored and can be readily accessed when needed.

Additionally, we offer you our latest digital inventory solution: ePacking. Which provides you a list of all the assets, plus a register of its conditions, at the exact moment our crew finish the packing and loading transportation.

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With operations in nearly 60 countries, Crown identifies innovative and effective mobility solutions and service delivery models in place across the globe. We review existing procedures, interfaces and systems, identify stakeholders across your organization and propose methods in which processes can be created or streamlined.

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