Upcoming global mobility roundtable in Paris on March 26

Our first Global Mobility roundtable event this year in Paris on March 26 will be discussing some hot topics that we have identified as Mobility Trends for 2020.

Among those topics are:

1. Sustainability priorities – Global Mobility teams in companies focused on sustainability are looking for ways to add this priority to their Global Mobility strategies, including KPIs for partners; what is on your sustainability dashboard and how can Mobility show these values too?

2. Duty of Care – there are many ways to look at assignee Duty of Care (preparing business travelers and assignees for the unexpected, from illness, accidents, political upheaval, terrorism, immigration changes, etc.). This year we are adding mental health support for assignees to our discussion, along with traditional duty of care topics; how much planning is your company or your clients’ organizations doing in this space? Any contingency plans, anything new? Concerns that your business travelers and assignees tend to have? Worries about terrorism, war, viruses (in particular Coronavirus becoming a pandemic), Brexit, personal or partner safety, not to mention the anxiety and natural stress from a move, etc.

3. Happy Attrition and other post-assignment strategies – we used to talk about Repatriation at the end of an assignment; of course it still exists and is critical and remains challenging for many companies, however, we see an increase in consecutive assignments, finding a new role in a location that was not the one where you started, and an uptick in what can be called “happy attrition” when companies don’t mind if you move on after finishing your assignment. Turnover is not always bad, is it? What are some of the different “end of assignment” trends you are seeing?

If you are a corporate HR professional, please come and join us to an interactive discussion with other mobilty experts. To register for the event in Paris on March 26, please click here.

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