Global Mobility roundtable in Dubai, March 23: Trends in 2020

We are happy to roll out our well established mobility roundtable series now in Dubai. Our session will take place at the Capital Club, DIFC on March 23. We will be discussing with corporate HR attendees and various other subject matter experts some hot topics that we have identified as Mobility Trends for 2020.

Among those topics are:

1. Global Mobility Communities – the growing popularity of communities is facilitated by platforms like Facebook, Teams, Snap. It is easier to form communities online, to share information, to get connected; it reflects a Gen Z social value and interestingly, it benefits diverse assignees in meeting others in their same situation, in establishing communities in their new location, in their new organization, etc. Does your organization have communities internally and how do you see this concept benefiting the Global Mobility world?

2. The Big EX! Last year we highlighted the fact that the employee experience (EX) is driving improvements across the board, for customers, for employees, for everyone. We started to look at the way EX is being seen in Global Mobility programs (AX as in the Assignee Experience; GM EX, etc.). New demands and customer behaviors might create dissatisfaction – if your program is still using excel spread sheets, filling out the same forms over and over, policies that are 45 pages long, no onboarding or end of assignment plan, etc. But it also is pushing our industry to improve quickly. What do you see here? What are some good examples? Where is GM slow to change? What is the future bringing?

3. Diversity Mobility links to Diverse Leadership – Does your organization value or require international experience in order to move up and into senior leadership roles? If the answer is yes, it is time to look at who is getting the international opportunities and how can Global Mobility leaders support their organization’s diversity strategies? Does your company measure any D&I aspects of the Global Mobility population? In 2019 CWM surveyed 100 global companies and found that 79% of companies value or require international experience in order to move ahead, and more so with senior leadership. If assignee populations are not diverse, how will our future leaders change?

If you are a corporate HR professional, please come and join us to an interactive discussion with other mobiilty experts. To register for our first event in Dubai, please click here.

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