Our deep understanding of international assignments and advanced technical knowledge means we create powerful technology solutions.

They are flexible, and benefit your assignees and the teams responsible for them.

Effective assignment management requires a combination of the right technology, the right processes and the right people. Crown World Mobility scores highly on all three fronts.

Thanks to years of experience overseeing our own staff assignments as well as those of our clients, we’ve developed a number of timesaving software solutions. Our systems automate the workflow management of many of the administrative tasks—e.g. tracking and reporting—associated with managing overseas personnel.

We have the technical know-how and flexibility of approach to adapt these solutions to your organization’s needs. By helping to integrate our software with your unique infrastructure, we provide a customized solution that matches your requirements – making for a smoother transition and more widespread acceptance amongst your users.

Our implementation experts will work with your Crown World Mobility account manager and your stakeholders to identify the potential for process improvement and to define your information requirements. Importantly, we do all of this while staying within the boundaries of your cost-focused HR strategy, and balancing the needs of your assignees and internal managers.

We accomplish this by starting without preconceived notions of what your processes should look like. Instead, we collaborate to design the blueprint that will serve as your personalized solution. Our systems, although fully integrated, are not replicated which ensures the ultimate flexibility in considering potential process improvements.

Minimum disruption, maximum peace of mind 

Our broad experience with global clients—and their HR, Finance and Information Systems platforms—enables us to guide you through the integration process, step-by-step.

We’ll contribute to your internal discussions and ensure that we achieve the best possible alignment of systems for your processes, reporting and billing.

We keep track of the all the latest technical innovations, to ensure our solutions remain up-to-date and scalable to your evolving needs. For example, we’re embracing new mobile and storage technologies in a bid to leverage their value to our clients. So our heads may be in 'the cloud', but our feet remain firmly on the ground.

The result is that the technology we provide will support and enhance your day-to-day operations. Our simple yet effective data management tools provide you with key information, as and when you need it, allowing you to more easily manage your transition projects and meet all of the key milestones.

Once created, the blueprint is housed within the system to ensure that all users have the ability to fully understand the basis for decisions made to support your global mobility program. These documents serve as a historic record so that future decisions can be made simply and quickly.

Security and compliance: the foundations of Crown World Mobility’s technology solutions.

Our technology solutions provide secure pathways for the exchange of information between Crown World Mobility and your teams. Data security and compliance take priority when we design our systems, ensuring a safe and secure environment for our transactions and communications with you.

The private and secure environment that we provide protects you from the kinds of malicious attacks that interrupt operations and often damage corporate reputations. At the same time, we help to safeguard your employees from identity theft and other on-line offenses.

Our secure solutions allow your HR department to access up-to-the-minute details about every assignment via a customized website, allowing you to more easily manage your talent mobility projects and meet all of the key milestones.

Employees can gain access to their personal details, make expenses claims and see information such as settling-in guides—in fact, all of the data that’s relevant to their own assignment.

The corporate perspective

Our systems facilitate effective management by offering customized reporting on-demand. No matter what your information requirements may be, our system allows us to track and report this information to you in a timely and effective manner.

We help you manage risk and legal compliance using status reports with immigration and expense data, as well as update the details about any employee’s assignment. You also have the ability to check the status of your housing inventory—in real time—and get progress reports on home sales.

Our systems give you the opportunity to track exceptions, cost estimates, expenses and benefits too—all to maximize the effectiveness of your policy reviews.

The employees’ view

We design our technology solutions with your assignees, as well as your HR staff, in mind.

Employees working overseas use our systems to access real-time assignment updates, and to submit and track their expense claims. They quickly reference their employment contract details, assignment policy, and latest compensation information too.

To smooth the process of relocation, personnel moving abroad can also use our checklists to support their personal planning and “Go knowing” with our series of local guides.