Meet Jill Bedford
Director Client Services, Australia

What are the challenges of your job?
There is nothing like moving yourself to help you understand the excitement, challenges and frustrations a client faces when moving to a new city or a new country.

What are people's real experiences of the problems of being mobile? How do they solve those?

Each client encounters different challenges and different opportunities when relocating, but today each and every client is short of time, under pressure at work and trying to juggle professional and personal commitments as they move. Everyone needs to be somewhere else, and quickly.

How do you think the industry has changed in recent years? Is it more complex or easier than it used to be?
I have been a mobility professional for more than 16 years and my corporate clients today have greater expectations and greater needs than ever before.  While clients may have access to a lot of information, what they really appreciate is wisdom - experienced guidance and knowledgeable advice - rather than reams of raw data. My clients are also expected to be able to do more with less, and in shortened timeframes, so my support needs to be highly focused, critically relevant to the situation and very responsive.

How might technology change thingsfor better or worse?
Technology will transform the mobility industry in many, many ways and my personal interest and focus is on delivering rich and complete mobility cost reporting to clients so that they can finally get a clear picture of their business costs and business opportunities. At a personal level, access to destination information is giving individuals and families the confidence to step off into new international adventures.

What are your feelings about the future of the industry?
Mobility has an exciting future. Globalization requires managers and leaders to have international work experience and we will continue to see increasing diversity in the transferees we support.

More about Jill Bedford

Jill is a mobility professional with more than sixteen (16) years’ experience in the implementation, execution and continual improvement of global, regional and national relocation and removal services for multinational organizations. She joined Crown in 1999. Key projects include large-scale domestic and international group moves, key account engagements in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Middle East, development of Crown’s Intercultural Training Program, on-site deployment with a global investment bank and leading the Crown Global Mobility Services Systems Development team. 

Jill has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Macquarie University and an Executive MBA in Global Strategy from UTS (University Technology Sydney), and is currently studying for her Graduate Certificate in Migration Law at ANU (Australian National University).