Minimum salary for high-skilled foreign nationals and shortage occupations increased

According to a new policy, the highly-skilled foreigner`s salary must be at least 1.5 times the Luxembourg average gross annual salary (73,296 Euros per year) to qualify for an EU Blue Card. 
For certain shortage occupations (IT and communications sectors) a lower minimum annual salary threshold of 58,636.80 Euros applies. This figure is 1.2 times the gross annual average salary. The lower threshold applies to new applications or extensions of EU Blue Card permits. 
The lower threshold will apply to the following occupations (as defined by International Standard Classification of Occupancies codes):
• System analysts
• Software developers
• Web and multimedia developers
• Application programmers
• Other unclassified software and applications developers and analysts 
• Mathematicians
• Actuaries 
• Statisticians
This summary was prepared using information obtained from Luxembourg’s government website
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