New immigration form for sponsoring company

The Hong Kong Immigration Department has added an additional declaration page to immigration form 990B, following advice from the Audit Commission. This addition requires the sponsoring employer to declare, and explain, whether it has carried out a local recruitment exercise. No formal announcement was made, but this new requirement takes effect immediately. 
Crown Hong Kong’s Immigration team must provide the following from employment sponsors in Hong Kong:
1. Justification for employing the applicant in Hong Kong and reasons why the post cannot be filled by locals. 
2. Proof of local recruitment efforts for the position and a summary of the result – including the provision of resumes for unsuccessful candidates with personal data erased.
3. If no local recruitment effort was made, the employer must explain why in writing. 
These changes come after the release of an annual audit report by the Audit Commission in April 2016. This change affects employment visa applications under the General Employment Policy (GEP), Immigration Arrangements for Non-Local Graduates (IANG) and Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP). The revised immigration form can be downloaded from the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s website
The Audit Commission also criticized the Immigration Department’s lack of references and standards on determining the prevailing market salary. Changes are likely to be made to address this issue soon.
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