Simple steps to make big changes less stressful

Leaving home can be an exciting beginning for many. Crown World Mobility works to make sure that your employees' interests are put first, ensuring they know the home they have left behind is in safe and capable hands.

A clear and concise home sale program can eliminate financial burden for the family, while at the same time ensuring your mobility goals are achieved.

Our home sale and property services programs focus not only on the employee, but also aim to minimize your costs and tax exposure. More importantly, our individualized focus during the marketing period helps reduce both inventory and time on the market.

Today’s market conditions require an absolute focus on housing competition, buyer profile and home readiness. At Crown World Mobility, our specialists take this into account when assembling a personalized marketing plan for the property, identifying key features that help attract the ideal buyer. From addressing potential market/cosmetic challenges, to ensuring the price is established competitively, our mobility consultants (through collaboration with service providers and your HR team) develop a plan—recognizing that no two moves are alike, and no two properties will sell the same way.

Achieving the right outcome for your employees

As a service company, we champion a consultative approach to home sales, ensuring your employees’ expectations are met. As well as achieving the best price, we apply rigorous standards to ensure sales are compliant and unlikely to be questioned during audit processes.

The entire process is managed in collaboration with your HR resources to achieve superior cost results and ensure that you are never blindsided by market conditions. From preparing the employee’s home for listing to coordinating closing activities, we provide counsel, guidance and expertise in facilitating home sale transactions.

We provide a full range of home sale programs, which include:

  • Guaranteed appraised value home sale
  • Amended value home sale
  • Buyer value option home sale
  • Direct reimbursement.

Supporting the seller throughout the process

Effective marketing and setting the right expectations is the key to an efficient home sale process. Our marketing assistance programs target the most likely buyer, and we can help your employees to develop a market strategy that will attract those buyers quickly. As well as helping your employee secure the best agents, we work directly with the agent to leverage their negotiation power. Additional assistance with purchase sales contract review, title and land registry searches and property settlement can also be provided.

Upon closing, we coordinate funding, recordation, expense processing, related gross up calculations, remittance, expense tracking and reporting. We provide an outline of performance expectations to ensure the effective marketing of the home and makes recommendations throughout the marketing period to the client, the employee and agent to facilitate the timely sale of the property.

Buyer value option

Many companies today recognize that the Buyer Value Option (BVO) home sale program is often the best fit for their relocation requirements and level of desired employee support. Crown follows the Worldwide ERC® espoused standards for the BVO transaction.

Guaranteed/amended value

We facilitate comprehensive home sale support. Crown issues the employee a Guaranteed Offer contract based on the average of independent market appraisals and contingent upon title and inspection survey results according to your policy and practice. If the employee is successful in securing a buyer before the expiration of the Guaranteed Offer period, Crown will amend its offer to match the price and terms of the qualified purchaser and manage the closing for the employee—thereby yielding tax favorable cost savings for the employer in the US. Otherwise, the home marketing will be managed by Crown and sold at the best terms given Crown’s strategic and targeted corporate real estate inventory program.

Direct reimbursement

Across the globe, home sale support and practice varies widely. Crown World Mobility’s broad global footprint enables our professionals to access local resources to validate customary selling expenses. We help audit direct home sale expense documentation according to your policy and local practice, and so we can then reimburse the employee accordingly. Additional assistance with purchase sales contract review, title and land registry searches and property settlement are also provided.

Reliable property management

Who needs the worry of a rented property when your assignee is out of town?

Whether the employee’s property is to be rented or maintained during the assignment period, our Property Management services offer complete security. We will assist in finding and qualifying suitable tenants, lease negotiation, maintenance and upkeep, as well as collect rent, pay monthly expenses, and coordinate emergency repairs—whether the property is occupied or vacant.

The knowledge that you have a reliable partner looking after your interests and your real estate investment can make all the difference. It all adds up to a fully managed service that helps everyone sleep better at night, wherever they are.

Home Sale Services are available in USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.