Crown World Mobility provides a cost-effective solution, from cost projection to total cost capture

Compensation administration is complex and exacting, yet crucial to your business. Our services unravel the intricacies and ensure you successfully administer everything from shadow payroll to hypo tax.

With pinpoint accuracy and timeliness, our highly experienced compensation administration managers work hand-in-hand with your payroll departments—and your tax partner—to prevent unwanted surprises and duplicated effort.

We remove the administrative burden of data collection and compensation updates, allowing your HR team to focus on more strategic objectives.

Combining our resources so you can manage yours

Crown provides holistic management of all financial aspects of assignments. We use generally accepted global payroll processes and transactions that lead to overall tax compliance. We employ Global Compensation Analysts throughout the world, ensuring prompt delivery of cost estimates.

Crown’s technology fully supports this service, allowing us to integrate workflows and provide you with the complete array of reporting available. Streamlined and fully integrated, our system provides accurate information at all times, fostering the confidence and satisfaction of your employees.

We can help you manage the administration of compensation, so you can concentrate on other issues

The ability to know who’s on assignment and to track their compensation is essential to compliance. We can help you manage every movement, regardless of the assignment country.

Crown World Mobility has the flexibility to partner with all major data providers and tax accounting firms. Our team will track non-payroll expenses and communicate these to your payroll department. We also prepare the Global Statement of Earnings, reconcile payroll and reimbursements, coordinate with your selected tax partner and customize output based on your policies—all in adherence to your existing payroll calendar(s). In the U.S. and Canada, we may also prepare and provide tax gross-up calculations.

We provide stress-free solutions

Our international assignment cost projections are generated within 48 hours. They're created using scenarios from six months to five years in a format that makes life easy for you.

For year-end compensation collection and payroll feeds, we provide a customizable chart of accounts; possess electronic feed capability; manage entire year-end processes; gather and track non-payroll expenses paid in home and host locations; provide taxable information to client payroll for inclusion in company prepared payroll filings as required; reconcile any tax equalization and tax reimbursements settled during the calendar year and coordinate with your tax provider.