We make a positive contribution to assignment success

Crown World Mobility looks after your people, policies and procedures – wherever the assignment

Assignment success can be measured in terms of employee satisfaction and program management. We achieve the highest levels on both counts.

Our mobility consultants will reassure and support your employees as they embrace the personal and professional growth opportunities associated with their new assignment.

Smoothing the way

We make a positive difference to your employees’ well-being, motivation and productivity. This means that their transition to a new environment goes as smoothly as possible, and ensures a quick integration – both inside and outside the workplace.

Getting to the new location is just one step in the process. Our mobility consultants remain actively engaged with your assignees to ensure opportunities and challenges can be effectively communicated to your team. Often, our experience tells us that a well placed call, at just the right moment can make all the difference to a successful assignment.

Through years of experience, we have identified the key highs and lows of an assignment, so we are always right there when we are needed most.

We drive efficiencies while maintaining operational excellence

Since our mobility consultants understand the depth and breadth of your policies, we can help ensure that your assignees and their families receive the assistance they need – in any country where you have a presence.

To minimize your exposure to risk, we take ownership of policy interpretation, exceptions management and issue resolution throughout every assignment. We’ll also communicate directly with all of the relevant service providers, ensuring a smooth and well-planned transition.

By reporting on our activities and the progress of your global assignments, we give you a full view of the events in your program at any time.

Cutting costs without compromising quality

We take a total-cost approach to assignment management, ensuring that our focus on reducing expenditure never compromises an emphasis on high quality standards.

As part of this commitment, we’re able to provide the precise level of support your employees need – no more or less – to manage all types of program.

What’s more, our strategic approach to account management increases your awareness of the latest industry practices around the world. You can then apply this learning to your own operations, containing costs while still delivering quality services.

Finally, no assignment is really completed until the knowledge gained  is put to use back home, or on a new assignment. We work hard to help assignees adapt to repatriation, protecting the most important investment of all: your talent.