Watch out, Generation Z is about

At Crown World Mobility we are always focused on demographic shifts that impact mobility programs and policies.Watch out, Generation Z is about Although much has already been written on the topic of Generation X versus Generation Y, we want to share some of our perspective on some generational shifts that are impacting our clients' policies and our own approach to working with assignees, including the latest generational group, Generation Z.

First, for those who are still getting their hands around the topic of the Generation Y population, we define it as those people who were born in the late 1980's and after. This is the generation that has always known the Internet, used cell phones and has created and dominated texting, tweeting and social media. They aren't necessarily looking for a job for life, but for meaningful activities and flexibility. In the workplace often they are said to be multi-taskers and less focused on hierarchy.

We anticipate that more than half of the workforce in most companies across the globe will be comprised of Generation Y by 2020, or sooner in some industries, such as, high technology. At Crown we see the Generation Y Millennials as a real mixed assignee population, without a one-size-fits-all approach. Some fall into more of an "adventurer" category, those who will put on a backpack and go. Their needs can often be met with the self-initiated policy, intended to encourage international experiences at a lower cost.

The other category of Generation Y is more of an elite group coming out of the best graduate schools around the globe. They are cosmopolitan, speak at least two languages and already have international experiences. Their expectations have to be managed and may require a policy that offers more traditional assignment support.

No matter which Millennial assignee your organization may have, you will find the need to better explain the critical rules and policies and develop creative ways to make the business case to your assignees. Reading a long policy, having high-touch phone calls with Move Consultants are no longer the first choices for this younger generation of employees. They may feel equipped to find good airfares and hotels on line and on their own, and they often ask us to email or text them the information that they need.

At Crown World Mobility, we are discussing this shift in how we interact with assignees with our clients and across our organization to ensure that our approach meets both the corporate and assignee needs. It is an interesting moment in understanding a new approach to customer service and we are deeply engaged in developing best practice strategies to address these changes.

The demographic shift that we are now focused on at Crown World Mobility is the Generation Z, sometimes referred to as Generation Wii. Our high-tech clients have already been hiring them for several years. Our youngest employees at Crown are from this new generation. Comfortable with diversity and focused on social issues. Generation Z is the group to watch!