Overcoming challenges in global mobility and talent management

Global mobility trends and the influence they have on talent management have forced companies to rethink traditional approaches to mobility.global mobility and talent management There has been a shift towards more strategic and targeted solutions, from staffing and policies to retention and global career paths. Companies operating on the global stage continue to face challenges, including: 

  1. Updating global mobility team resources

  2. Creating formal links between global mobility and talent management

  3. Implementing flexible repatriation strategies

  4. Employing candidate assessment and selection strategies 

  5. Developing a global pipeline of future leaders through international assignments

In an article, Crown World Mobility’s Global Practice Leader of Consulting Services, Lisa Johnson, examines companies that have developed creative solutions to these challenges. Lisa also focuses on the evolution of the mobility industry and the developments in recent years.  

Read the full article in the November issue of Worldwide ERC’s Mobility magazine.