Millennials in the workforce

"Mismanaging millennials could lead to disaster," says cognitive neuroscientist and business improvement strategist, Dr Lynda Shaw, in an interview with Re:locate magazine.

A lot has been written about millennials in the workforce and how their generational attributes set them apart from their Baby Boomer counterparts.

On the one hand, Baby Boomers want to make a difference in what they do and are proud to belong to a company.

Millennials on the other hand are programmed to move between companies if they are no longer learning or progressing, and are generally more interested in job opportunities that require relocation. They prefer urban areas and assume work/life balance is the norm.

Mismanaging these conflicting work styles could lead to clashes and tension in the workplace. Re:locate magazine provides some great top tips for managing millennials here.

Throughout 2015, Crown World Mobility has explored this demographic group that continues to draw a lot of interest and discussion, and has subsequently published a number of articles …

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