Luxembourg introduces changes in regulations for posted workers

New electronic platform for notifications and stricter requirements implemented 

Luxembourg’s Inspectorate of Labor and Mines has launched an electronic platform for employers submitting notifications regarding their employees. Previously, notifications were submitted by mail. 
Furthermore, the requirements have become stricter for posted workers:
  • Notifications are mandatory for foreign nationals being employed by a non-EU entity.
  • Even activities lasting only for a few hours will require a notification.
  • Employees at each individual work site require notifications.
  • Posted workers must carry their “social badge” at all times.
New document requirements have also been implemented. The posted worker’s employer must carry the below listed documents at the workplace for the full duration of the assignment and up to 10 years after the assignment:
  • Identifying details of the sending entity
  • Identifying details of the posted worker
  • Employment contract
  • Secondment declaration
  • Proof of social security coverage
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of work authorization, if required
  • Proof of residence authorization, if required
  • Certificates, or alternatively an employer's formal statement, showing the professional qualifications of the employee
  • Payslips and proof of payment
  • Timesheets
  • Declaration on part-time/fixed-term work, if applicable
  • Business license, where necessary, issued by the small and medium sized companies department of the Ministry of Economy
  • The VAT (tax) number certificate issued to the sending company
Key Considerations
Crown World Mobility strongly recommends employers with posted workers to comply with the new notification and document requirements to avoid issues with the Inspectorate of Labor and Mines.
For further information, please contact Michele Giordani, Regional Immigration Manager EMEA,.
Source: This update was prepared using information from the Luxembourg Inspectorate of Labour and Mines