Ireland Global Mobility and Talent Survey reveals confidence is high

Earlier this month at an event in Dublin, in partnership with Corporate Care Relocation and Morgan McKinley, we launched The Global Mobility and Talent Review of Ireland Report.

Ireland Global Mobility and Talent Survey reveals confidence is high
    Some interesting findings

A survey was conducted to multinationals with operations in Ireland, revealing insight into their talent mobility strategies relocating talent to facilitate growth, cultural diversity and key skill requirements.

Some interesting findings from those interviewed …

  • Two thirds expect to see an increase in employees based in Ireland in the next six months. 70 per cent of these positions will be filled by qualified and experienced professionals, demonstrating the demand for skilled workers.
  • 60 per cent felt that these roles will be the most difficult to fill
  • More than half are concerned about finding the right talent for their Ireland-based operation.
  • 80 per cent of those surveyed have a relocation policy in place, but nearly a quarter don’t see the policy as a priority when it comes to relocating talent
  • Over 75 per cent claim they don’t currently measure the Return on Investment of relocating a member of staff, citing time and lack of knowledge as the reason.

Peter Sewell, Regional Director at Crown World Mobility, explained: “With high growth and ambitious companies moving to Ireland, we’re seeing increased confidence in Ireland’s capability to house overseas opportunities. As new businesses are investing, others are expanding, making it a positive time for all. But growth and investment is not without its challenges, especially when looking for talented people necessary to help businesses succeed.

“Our Global Mobility and Talent Review of Ireland revealed that there is real confidence among companies wishing to grow and deliver global ambitions, however, it’s clear that teams are in need of the right knowledge to help inform their mobility policy and measure and improve performance. With the right partner and the drive to compete for budget in an area of their business that could be highly influential, businesses will soon begin reaping the rewards, attracting the right talent and supporting those on global level whilst being able to demonstrate the return on their investment of those individuals to the wider business.”

To read The Global Mobility and Talent Review of Ireland Report, please click here.