How to successfully manage international assignments in a complex market

Giovanni De Carlo (Crown World Mobility’s Director of Business Development – Continental Europe) recently moderated three sessions, which can provide you with valuable insights on managing international assignments.

How to successfully manage international assignments in a complex market
The Hamburg session

Each of the sessions, which took place in Hamburg, Vienna and Zurich, were based on the recently released German book, Die professionelle Auslandsentsendung (Managing International Assignments professionally), in which authors Andrea Kopecek and Iris Fischlmayr discuss: 

  • Managing the financial, fiscal and legal risks of internationally mobile staff 
  • Social security implications arising from different types of assignments
  • Effective and strategic planning 
  • Traditional and new types of international assignments 

Guest speakers also took part in a panel debate on how to successfully manage international assignments in a constantly changing and complex market environment. 

Key trends and challenges identified:

  • Legislation changes – the “Economic Employer Concept”
  • Mobility for Generation Y 
  • Assignments to hardship/challenging locations 
  • Virtual assignments 
  • “Social/wage dumping” and compliance challenges 

HR professionals exchanged approaches to these challenges and shared tips for supporting assignees with adjustment.

Crown World Mobility’s five tips for international assignee adjustment

  1. Selection – make sure you have the right person, going to the right place, at the right time. 
  2. Roles and responsibilities – remember that the success of the assignment is a shared responsibility. 
  3. Prepare assignees for culture shock – it is inevitable and real!  
  4. Don’t forget the family! 
  5. Repatriation – plan for a successful return. 

The full article can be downloaded here

Guest speakers included: Andrea Kopecek (Head of Global Employer Services, Deloitte Austria), Luisa Raffainer (Global Head of International Assignment Management, Credit Suisse), Narcisa Chelaru (Senior Global Mobility Consultant, Mercer) and Dr. Katalin Wallig (Head of Board Assignment and Expat Management, UNIQA Insurance Group AG).

HR professionals from the following companies attended: Lürssen, Werft, Aurubis, OMV, IBM, Borealis, Voestalpine, AXA and Sberbank, among others.