How is Diversity and Inclusion changing the mobility landscape?

Canada, by nature, is quite a liberal society. But, there is always room for growth.How is Diversity and Inclusion changing the mobility landscape?

Tricia Cochran, World Mobility’s Director of Client Services, recently spoke to Re:locate Global magazine about “Diversity and Inclusion in Canada’s mobility landscape” and whether Canada is ready for the glass ceiling to shatter.

Corporate companies are changing. Although Diversity and Inclusion has been around for a while, the concept and practice is starting to gain traction, recognition and support on an entirely new level. 

Different skillsets, viewpoints and ideas can come from the most unlikely of places. Having a diverse workforce can foster and cultivate new and inventive ways of conducting, retaining and growing business. 

There are many different ways of looking at diversity, from the visible to the non-visible. Gender, age, sexual orientation, religion – all these individual characteristics shape the present and future culture of organizations and their employees.

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