Falling numbers of GCSE and A-Level language students are bad news for recruitment

Joanne Danehl, Global Intercultural and Language Training Practice Leader at Crown World Mobility, recently authored an article on HRreview.co.uk – the UK’s leading independent HR news, information, opinion and analysis resource.Falling numbers of GCSE and A-Level students is bad news for recruitment

In the article Joanne discusses the continued decline in language acquisition in education – particularly French and German. She reveals how UK students could be ruling themselves out of jobs now that some companies are making language skills a recruitment requirement.

 “It is easy to think that because English is the most widely recognized language of business that UK professionals have less need for a second language – but that would be a mistake,” says Joanne.

“Learning a second language is about context. The acquisition and understanding of vocabulary and grammar provides insight into the culture of a country and develops nuanced critical thinking.”

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