2014 Trends to watch for in U.S. domestic employee mobility

The annual trends document released earlier this year, highlights topics that we see emerging and others that are evolving in the U.S. domestic mobility arena.US trends Often driven by variables such as the economy, housing and job markets, domestic mobility trends are also impacted by demographic shifts and changing business strategies within corporations.

As some markets in the U.S. relocations industry already thrive and others continue to strengthen, this document continues the trends discussion around the following points:

  1. Changing transferee demographics’ impact on policy
  2. Talent management and U.S. domestic relocation
  3. More targeted use of guaranteed buy-out programs
  4. Loss on sale – up and down
  5. Focus on support

This insight intends to inspire creative thinking around your own programs. We look forward to continuing our strategic discussions with you throughout 2014 on U.S. domestic mobility issues.

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